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Fantasy league (english version)

Gifts to win – leader in general ranking the 10th July will win gifts !!

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The game is 100% free and you can compete with others table tennis fan around the world on world tournaments.

What is the game ?

Each week of tournament, you have the possibility to play and win points in the ranking. Once the main draw takes places, you have to predict the results of matches.

How exactly does it work ?

The first tournament playable is the Saudi Smash, when the main draw is available, you can predict matches. For the first round, there are 32 matchs to predict, then 16, then 8… to the final.

For each match, you have to choose the winner. From the semi-finals, you must also predict the number of sets.

BONUS: (not mandatory) You have a bonus question before the start of each tournament, you can choose a player who you think will outperform the most during the tournament. That is to say, do better than his ranking indicates (each player, depending on his ranking, is supposed to arrive at a certain stage in the tournament). Example: seed 1 is supposed to win, seed 2 to lose in the final, seed 3 and 4 to lose in the semi-final… So, for the Saudi Smash, seed 1 is supposed to win 2000 points, seed 2: 1400 points, 3 and 4: 700 points…, 33 to 64 are supposed to lose in the first round and therefore gain 20 points. Your goal is to find who will do better than their ranking. So, never bet on the 1 seed because they will not be able to do better than win the tournament. You earn the number of points difference between your player’s actual result – the theoretical result. But be careful, if your player underperforms, you lose points.

How to score points?

Points win depended of the tournament, for example for Saudi Smash, in reality, the winner win 2000 points. So, in the fantasy league, there are 63 matchs to predict from the first round to the final, therefore, each good match prediction awards 31 points, and you have 47 points when you take part at the tournament (it is to say, make at least one prediction). If all your predictions are true, you can win 2000 points.

In addition, you can add the exact score of the sets from the semis of each tournament: if you have the exact score in the set, you double your number of points won in this match. Example: Semi-final – Wang vs Ma, you predict 4-1 for Wang, if the score is 4-1 for Wang you win 31*2 = 62 points on this match, if there is a victory for Wang on a other score, you win 31 points, if Ma wins you do not win points.

Example : (excluding bonuses and exact score sets)

  • I predict 0 matchs during the tournament -> I win 0 point.
  • I predict 10 matchs, 6 are good, 4 are bad – > I win 233 points (6 x 31 points + 47 points for participation)
  • I predict 63 matchs, 42 are good – > I win 1349 points.


  • If you chose the 20th seed and she loses in the final, she should have lost in the round of 16 and gained 90 points in theory, but in reality, she will win 1400 points for her place as finalist, so your bonus will be 1400 – 90 = 1310 which will be added to your prediction points.
  • If you chose seed 50 and she loses in the first round, the theory is respected so no bonus or penalty.
  • If you chose the 4th seed and she loses in the first round, she should have gained 700 points by going to the semis but will only win 20 in reality, so you will have a penalty of 680 points.

You can choose to not take this risk, so you will have neither bonus nor penalty. If you select a player supposed to lost in th first round, there is no risk. So, you can choose this type of player without stress.

Your total points in the tournament will be the count of all your predictions + exact score sets + the bonus/penalty.

How the ranking is made ?

Before the Olympics, each tournament will be on a 2000 points basis and your 3 best tournaments will count towards the general. So, even if you missed an important tournament, in 3 successful tournaments, you can be at the top.

After the Olympics, the ranking will be based on the sum of points gleaned from 1. 2000 tournament, 1. 1500 or 1000 tournament, 1. 600 tournament, 3. 400 tournaments and 1. 125 tournament. Your best result in each of these types of tournament will be counted.

There are two rankings, one for womens tournaments and one for mens tournaments, you are free to play both or just one. Your points made each week will add up to make a ranking between all players.

The ranking is simply the sum of your points in tournaments :

If you win 250 points in Saudi Smash, 80 in Feeder Dusseldorf and 30 in Feeder Havirov, your total points will be 360 points.

There are additional rankings: the 2000 ranking (Smash, Olympic Games), the 1000 ranking (Champions), the 600 ranking (Star Contender), 400 (Contender) and 125 (Feeder).

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